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Livsförändrande upplevelse

Life changing experience

To many people, this simple word (work) means many different things. I never thought once about it until one of my students sent an email to me telling me that “I have changed his life”.

It was like a turning point in life when I realized that work is a dream for so many people, maybe the only dream they have in life. “I need Just a simple work where I can wake up at six in the morning take some coffee  and come back home at six or seven in the afternoon, and then I will feel myself totally fulfilled and happy. This massive feeling of being something”, my student wrote in his email. He added “you´ve changed my life”. Sometimes I wonder if I ever did.

We can make a difference here, me and my colleagues at Eductus, Liljeholmen. We can make people find the right way or at least take the right step right here and right now because, maybe, it´s too late next month.  A well-organized, positive and happy learning environment makes students want to do more. We strive here to make ourselves approachable and ready to listen and then offer support and guidance in their search.  We don´t change life here, we make people believe that there will be always a chance. We do our best to make all people feel respected and ready to start this journey and search for a dream, for a job or an education.

Right now, my student works at a job center (Arbetsförmedling) after only two years in Sweden. If it´s possible for him then it´s absolutely possible for others as well.

I like the idea that everybody can make a real difference. My student has successfully managed to achieve his dream and made this a life changing experience.

Thank you! You have made enormous impact not only on me, but on everybody.

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